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unexpected ordnance Naval School EOD - Explosives Ordnance Disposal EOD Master Badge
Photo by Brenda Brandon, GP/RM Hazardous Substance Research Ctr.
Dept. of Defense EOD School Insignia All Hazmat Plans & Programs, Inc. UXO staff are graduates.
Master EOD Badge for minumum 10 yrs. eod service with 3 yrs. supervisory experience. Our staff exceed this level.

Hazmat Plans & Programs, Inc. offers a variety of explosives and ordnance safety services, including: training, on-site safety inspections, and third party Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) range clearance safety officers. If you are remediating a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) or Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) facility you may have safety and reporting requirements you are not aware of, we can help either through training or on-site inspections. Our UXO safety officers have literally hundreds of range clearance for experience and exceed the DoD Explosives Safety Board requirements for UXO Safety Officers.

All Explosives Are Not Created Equal

Yes, all explosives are not created equal. Shipping and storage compatibility issues are common, and failure to properly ship, store and handle explosives in compliance with compatibility charts can result in injuries, death or serious fines. Our safety staff has decades of experience in: storing; inspecting storage; shipping; and providing instruction for the safe shipping, storage and handling of explosives. We can help you and your employees understand the intricacies of safe explosives operations.

Explosives Safety Training Classes Available From Hazmat Plans & Programs

Explosives Safety For DOD 4145.26M Compliance (50 Hours) - Click on Class title for full course description and class dates.

Unexploded Ordnance Awareness (4 Hours) - Training meant to provide a level of awareness and recognition of possible ordnance and explosive hazards for non-ordnance technicians who are working at remediation sites where such items might be encountered. Class is scheduled by request for a minimum of 4 people and is tailored to the site and ordnance that would be encountered.
Fee: $160.00
Class Dates: (click a date to register)

Duration: One Half Day.

Formerly Used Defense Site Safety Awareness (4 Hours) - Specialized training aimed at state, county or city personnel managing or supervising Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) or Base Realignment and Closure(BRAC) remediation or construction projects. The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has specific safety and reporting compliance requirements for both USACE contractors and third party (state and local governments) carrying out FUDS/BRAC remediation or construction projects.
Fee: $125.00
Class Dates: (click a date to register)

Duration: One Half Day.

WMD Awareness and Contingency Planning - Weapons of Mass Destruction awareness, recognition, and contingency planning for government and business personnel. The threats, weapons, and concerns about WMD taught by former military Chemical/Biological /Radiological/Nuclear/Energetics (CBRNE) qualified Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Disaster Preparedness personnel. Hazard recognition and protective measures tailored for your organization. Class is scheduled by request for a minimum of 3 people.
Fee: $400.00
Class Dates: (click a date to register)

Duration: Two consecutive 8 hour days.

On-Site Safety

Expert Witness Service

Photo by USAEC/PAO
This should be intentional not accidental. Proper planning and training means this will happen the way you have it planned.

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